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For the 2014-15 season as a pdf file, click here: DSO 2014-15
(Revised February 2015 (Explorer dates corrected - opens in a new window)

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Players Committee
DelSO Staff
Classical 3 
Classical 4 
Classical 5
Driving Directions
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Concert Dates, 2014-15

   As of 25 August. Consult the pdf schedule for details.

Classical 1: Sept. 19
Classical 2: Oct. 17 & 19
Nutcracker: Dec 20 & 21- Reduced orchestra
Classical 3: Feb. 13 (Repertoire List)-NEW
Classical 4: March 13 & 15
Explorer (Youth): March 18
Classical 5: May 1
Chamber Concert dates: Nov. 18; Jan. 27; Feb 24; April 14

Your Players' Committee
The Players' Committee represents the musicians in their dealings with the management of the orchestra. The members are: 
John McGinness - mcjohnbone-NO SPAM-gmail.com   
Marty Beech -  BeechMartin-NO SPAM-msn.com
Brian Brown - bbtuba-NO SPAM-comcast.net
James Finegan - finegan.james-NO SPAM-gmail.com
Karen Schubert - KarenASchubert-NO SPAM-gmail.com

Also: Our DSO Board representative is Rick Linn and the ROPA representative is Brian Brown.
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Important Phone Numbers and email addresses:


  email - change "-NoSpam-" to @


 For questions about personnel matters such as your availability, seating, substitutes, etc., AND practice parts or to inquire about instrumentation contact Stephanie Wilson.


  (DSO office) Ext 109

 For questions concerning the education programs of the orchestra - Marjie Ripsom


  (DSO office) Ext 105

 Our Interim General Manager is Daniel Colburn.



 For payroll questions, contact Libby Burgazli.


(DSO office) Ext 103
 Our Operations Coordinator is - - -.

 - - - -

 For questions about this web-site, contact Paul Eves  pevespm-NoSpam-yahoo.com - - -



Classical 3 February 2015


Classical 3

Classical 3

 Classical 3

Classical 3



Classical 4, March 2015, Tatnall School



Classical 4




Classical 5


Webern  Bach
       Webern                         Bach    

Classical 5
April / May 2015

Schedule (all at GOH):

Wed., April 29 - 3:30pm and 7:30pm - Rehearsals
Thursday, April 30 - 7:30 - Rehearsal
Friday, May 1 - 7:30pm -Concert


David Amado, conducting

The Program:
Webern : Passacaglia
Bach - Webern: Ricercare from Musical Offering
Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2


Rehearsal order: 
Wed aft - Rach
Wed eve - Passacaglia, Rach, Ricercare   (possible OT for the Ricercare players)
Thurs - concert order (with Bach examples last)


 Delaware Symphony Orchestra


   No audition information is currently available.



Driving Directions:

Links for locations of scheduled services in 2011-12:
  Grand Opera House (GOH) |  Studio 1 (at GOH)   | Archmere Academy | Tatnall School    | Schwartz Center, Dover  



Photo Album - pictures from our past.

The Photo Album is in the process of being updated and redesigned. So far, the first three pages have a new layout and the rest are in the old layout.
 All the links now seem to work. 
Click for the: PHOTO ALBUM (note: there are 6 pages).
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